InMemory is a donations management solution for funeral directors, offered by Donatis Giving Ltd. We are a family run business owned by two partners; Mark Robinson, who has a family history in the funeral profession going back 3 generations, and his son-in-law Howard Rawlings, who has been developing and supporting internet applications since the late 90’s.

Mark saw the amount of time spent by staff at Daniel Robinson’s managing donations, and was convinced that the process could be streamlined and automated, whilst at the same time using the opportunity to build relationships with potential customers. So in 2011 work was started on a donations management system based on the requirements of a multi-site, medium-sized funeral director. Following exhaustive testing and feedback from other funeral directors of varying sizes, the first version of our software was released late in 2013.

Five years later, with a growing user base and over 100,000 donations processed with a total value of almost £5m, we released version 2.0 of InMemory, which incorporated a series of upgrades and enhancements following feedback from our customers.

We have built our software primarily to meet two business objectives, which we summarise as ‘turning donations from a burden into an opportunity’:

  1. To make adherence to best practices for donations management as simple as possible whilst dramatically streamlining the process
  2. To allow funeral directors to offer a complete donation service to customers, maximising Gift Aid whilst building relationships with donors, many of whom are potential customers.

To find out more about InMemory check out the list of features, or to find you what we mean by best practices for donations management, register to receive our handy guide.