We have built InMemory to be the most comprehensive donations management solution available, with a focus on time saving and business development. Tributes, notices and fundraising pages are just one part of a whole array of easy to use functions that manage every aspect of the entire donations process and put you in control:

Manage donations made via cash, cheque and online

InMemory has some of the most advanced functionality available to process online donations, but given the choice, still less than half of donors currently choose to make their donation using this method*.

InMemory records, manages and reconciles all forms of donation and at the end of the collection period, automates the production of letters and consolidated reports.

* Source: InMemory analysis overall donations 2013-2018.

Seamless integration with your website in minutes

InMemory works in the background to help you build your business. Donors and mourners (many of whom are potential customers) stay on your website for the duration of their visit and don’t see any branding other than yours. Any data collected is yours to use as per your own privacy policy. We provide multiple ways of embedding our technology into your website, styled to match your design theme so it looks and works as if it were an integral part of your site.

Obituaries & online donations

At the heart of InMemory is the ‘donation profile’, which contains all the details of a deceased person. The profile includes an obituary, details of services (both public & private), the charities for which funds are being raised and a gallery of images.

We provide a variety of options to enable mourners and donors to find profiles, print service details / directions and make donations – all without ever leaving your website.

Funeral notices and announcements

Visitors to your website can find obituaries either by searching for a surname or by browsing lists of funeral arrangements.

Lists are searchable and can be presented as notices of upcoming or current funerals. They can be ordered alphabetically or by the date of the first service, and can be styled to suit your exact requirements.

Collection pages

Engaging with local good causes helps to maintain strong relationships with your community, and InMemory provides an easy to use function to set up fundraising pages on your own website.

As with donation profiles, donors remain on your website for the duration of their visit.

Simple and transparent pricing

We charge a small one-off implementation fee starting from only £300, which varies depending on the size of the organisation and the number of users requiring training, the type of training required and any customisations that are unique to your requirements. We charge £6 + VAT per profile, which is invoiced monthly.

That’s it, the only other costs are the card processing fees and as you’re in control, we let you decide how you wish to account for them. The majority of our customers deduct them at cost as a form of disbursement; however others feel the system saves them so much time that they absorb them in order to provide an all-inclusive service to their customers.

Dashboard shows key data at a glance

Get an instant view of all the key donations data for your business every time you login, as well as prompts for overdue tasks such as closing collections.

View data on the total value of donations over time, the split between payment methods and the charities for which families are choosing to raise funds. Choose the time period covered by reports; last 7 days, the current month or the last 12 months.

Automated emails, one-click letters, reports and reconciliations

Our ongoing analysis continually shows that most donations will come from people who live within your trading area, so present an additional opportunity to engage with potential customers. Online donations are automatically acknowledged with a customisable email sent from you on behalf of the family. Standard, personalised letters can be downloaded in MS Word format to acknowledge cash or cheque donations when they are recorded.

When the collection is closed, InMemory produces a comprehensive set of reports in MS Excel format, with accompanying customised letters in MS Word format, each with a single click. This stage of the process provides complete reporting and communication for yourselves, the family and the charity.

Link with funeral-notices.co.uk

Through our collaboration with Reach, the largest regional newspaper publisher in the UK, you can now link a notice in a Reach publication to an InMemory profile at no cost, with a single extra click when placing the notice.

Donations made via funeral-notices.co.uk are combined with those received via your website and the donor receives an email acknowledgement from you on behalf of the family.

User training and ongoing support by phone or email

InMemory is designed to be intuitive and very easy to use, so requires no previous software or accounting experience; it’s simple enough for occasional users whilst providing all the functionality needed at all levels within the business. We provide user training on installation and unlimited support by telephone or email, to you, your staff and also to contractors involved with your website or internal IT systems.

Raise money for any cause, not just registered charities

Your InMemory installation is entirely under your control, so as long as you are happy with what’s being collected for, you can collect for it. We increasingly see money being raised for a memorial such as a bench or statue, or for a local club / sporting association or even families “crowd funding” to help meet the cost of the funeral.

Have it your way with our integrations and API

We have a highly functional and flexible RESTful API that enables authorised applications to read and manage InMemory profile data, so our donation management functionality can be integrated into and exchange data with third party websites and cloud applications. If you have a donations management requirement that can’t be met through an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, please get in touch. If you are a software vendor working with funeral directors and want to offer a comprehensive donations management solution as part of your software, please see our Partners and Affiliates page.