Below is a demonstration InMemory obituary page, embedded in our website in exactly the same way is it would be embedded in yours.  As you can see, we match colours, styles and fonts – so the functionality we provide integrates seamlessly with your own website content.

Please use the data below to test the system, and see InMemory from a donor’s perspective :

  1. The obituary page below is for a fictitious deceased person called Bill Smith. It includes a biography, charity details, messages of condolence left and a gallery of photos.
  2. The card processing system we use has a test mode; click on donate and you can make a donation in Bill’s memory, please enter a name and address (it can be fictitious) and your email address (so you can receive the instant email acknowledgement), using the following test credit card card details:
    Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
    Expiry date: 11/22
    CVV code: 123
  3. Once you have made the test donation, click on “Return to obituary” to see the updated page with your condolence message and look out for the email acknowledging receipt!