Do you work with funeral directors, either as a software vendor, website designer / developer or IT / management consultant? If so, please get in touch to discuss how we could support your project.

InMemory is a robust and established software platform built and maintained by experienced software developers, backed up by a team providing excellent ongoing support. We work hard to maintain strong relationships with our customers and their partners and can fit easily into teams without issues over competing service offerings.

InMemory can be adapted and extended to meet specific requirements and our API can be used to offer a seamless donations management functionality within a third party application. This can either be a full service arrangement where we handle disbursements to charities and good causes, or can be set up to deposit funds into the funeral director’s charities account.

We offer an affiliate commission scheme for regular referrers, and are happy to agree revenue sharing arrangements where our API is being used. Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.