Alistair Cox, Chadwicks Funeral Services

“We decided to start looking into having a donations system online as it is the way forward. We are very pro-active in technology and could see that this was going to give the businesses a distinct advantage. We contacted 2-3 providers before making the decision, however the ‘InMemory’ donations system provided the most complete package that was tailored to our needs completely.

The biggest benefit is that you can see that the software has been written by funeral directors for funeral directors so it is easy to use and makes sense. One of the things we liked most was the fact that, unlike other donations systems available that take up to 7.55% off the donation and Gift Aid, the Cloudberry ‘InMemory’ system takes nothing from the donation.

We have seen a 40–45% increase in people making online donations, to which Gift Aid can easily be added, and we can only see this increasing. Since having the Cloudberry donations system the volume of donations has increased vastly, the transaction value has increased and Gift Aid being added has also increased.

Prior to having the ‘InMemory’ system we used to spend quite a lot of time processing cash and cheques. We have now been able to free up 50% of that time which can now be spent on dealing with the extra business we are getting following the installation of the system.

Since using the ‘InMemory’ system, we have seen our website traffic increase ten-fold! Friends and family from outside our local community that have donated previously now contact us when the need arises. This new catchment area has allowed us to grow the business and provide a service that exceeds expectations.

I would recommend the ‘InMemory’ donation system without hesitation. The backup and support is fantastic and the system is excellent. I definitely wouldn’t want to go back to not having it!”