Susan Taylor, AB Taylor Funeral Directors

“We approached Cloudberry Funeral Management Solutions because we had out-grown our previous donations management system. Each donation had to be entered into and Excel sheet manually and was a really onerous and time consuming task.

After spending quite a lot of time researching the donations systems available to us we decided to work with ‘InMemory’. We had been keeping a look out for a system for two years through various shows, publications and word of mouth, so when we saw InMemory at the National Funeral Exhibition in 2015 we breathed a sigh of relief.

Their approach to a donations system is completely different to any others available on the market. We needed a more bespoke solution and the ‘InMemory’ system provides that easily as it is completely customisable. One thing we were concerned about was the extra fees other systems take; Cloudberry takes nothing from the donor, which we really liked as this fits in with our company values.

As people no longer have simple cash or cheques on them they expect to be able to pay by card or online. In order to not miss out on valuable donations and keep up to date we needed to be able to offer an easy solution. The ‘InMemory’ system solves this problem completely; we can now take all forms of payment and adding Gift Aid can be done with the click of a button. Handwriting and posting receipts is also a thing of the past as these are now electronic saving us both time and money.

The major benefit is that it is fully auditable.

Donations is an area that has the potential for people to be dishonest, but the ‘InMemory’ system makes sure everything is open and transparent. If there are ever any checks you have absolutely no worries. Ultimately this money belongs to someone else, we are simply the conduit, so we need to be immaculate in the part we play.

I have found the overall experience refreshingly easy and we have saved a lot of time by using this system, which we have been able to use in other areas to grow the business.

I would recommend ‘InMemory’ completely. The team are honest, reliable and provide an excellent system that is cost effective – it makes processing donations so much easier, less time consuming and most of all, fully auditable.”