Fund raising for local groups and charities via your website!

We are delighted to announce we just added another new capability to your business, the ability to offer local fundraising via your website for local groups or charities or supporting your existing community involvement via events like Golf Days, Marathon running etc.

The idea for this came from one of our customers – Howard Chadwick Funeral Services, and we are indebted to them for it. We have taken the same donations engine capability that we have developed for our InMemory profiles and re-packaged it so that you can use it to fund raise via your website.

You now have the ability to add a separate fundraising page to your website.

The page is inserted via another “iframe” which we give to your website developers and the new page and service can be added in minutes. The page will also perfectly match the style, colours and fonts of your website in exactly the same way that our donation pages now do.

Instead of setting up a donation profile, for fundraising you now set up a Collection Profile in the system for the fundraising. You can add photographs, images and text exactly as you do now for the biography in the donations element. Add in the charity into the database, select it and any photos into the gallery and in seconds you are ready to start fundraising!

The new fundraising collection profile has a number of features:

  • You can only have one collection profile on line at any time and you choose when to start and stop fundraising. 
  • As it’s a different service to donations, we’ve added a separate set of terms and conditions for the service (which are as per the donation service totally customisable – as they are your conditions)
  • As with the donations service you can log all forms of donations, so donors can drop off or send in donations as well as making them online.
  • The collections fund raising system encourages donors to leave a message of support which are instantly added to the page.
  • Every online, card donation is acknowledged with a customisable email sent from you thanking the donor for their support for your activity.
  • All donations are logged in the exact same way as for the InMemory ones so the reconciliation reports and reporting works in exactly the same way.
  • The fundraising can be used for any activity, be it a local group or charity or to support something that you as a company have organised such as a Marathon run – Our customer use  was a Funeral Manager walking up Snowdon to help fund some equipment for a local nursing home.

We know how many of our customers are involved in the communities they serve and hope that this new capability will assist you in those works.

The payoff for you of course is continuing to increase traffic of local people through your website, and helping smaller groups or local organisation who cannot easily raise funds online other than with the like of Just Giving – who continue to take 5% of the card donation and Gift Aid as well as the card processing fee and charging the charity £15/£39 a month as well!

Please let us know if you need some help settling up your fundraising initiative, we are here to help. We also can now work together on your local screen, whilst being remote, using some new support software that we have deployed.

We remain committed to developing our system and are pleased to inform you that each collection profile only costs the same as any other donation profile –  £6 plus VAT.

For information or a free demo to see how your fundraising profiles can be managed more efficiently contact us on 01803 229467 or contact us here.