Funeral Director steals charity donations

A funeral director who stole thousands of pounds in charity donations has been ordered by the Exeter Crown Court to pay the money back.

The Funeral Service Times reported that a Teignmouth undertaker has been ordered to repay the charity cash he stole from the funeral donations. Robert Loveridge took almost £5,000 from various charity donations that had been given in memory of deceased loved ones at 26 funerals over a nine year period.

His illegal activities were finally discovered after a woman called two of the charities she had donated to – she was concerned that the donations had not been handed over.

How can we stop this?

The ‘In Memory’ donations Management System makes handling cash, cheques and card easy to manage, log and record, so donors can drop off or send in donations as well as making them online. By logging every donation that comes in the donation processing becomes much more transparent.

One of the main reasons for choosing ‘InMemory’, is that the charities being donated to in memoriam of a loved-one recieve the full donation plus additional Gift Aid.

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