Latest update of the ‘In Memory’ system

Donatis is delighted to announce a new feature in the latest update of our ‘In Memory’ system.

InMemory users can now display funeral announcements / notices as part of the same process of setting up each ‘InMemory’ profile.

The notices will appear in a new, separate page on your website – via another iframe (just as your current ‘In Memory’ profiles integrate) giving mourner’s full information about current funerals.

The style of the notice and the amount of information displayed in each funeral notice is completely controlled by your preferences, set up in the system user profile – and of course you choose whether to use it or not.

  • A photograph can be added to the side of each notice, or alternatively you could add a common photograph or icon (as shown).
  • The deceased’s name will always appear as entered into the arrangement.
  • You can opt to show their age, their life span (e.g. 1945-2018), both or neither.
  • You can opt to display a more formal style of notice taken directly from the deceased’s obituary, or the first few lines of the personal biography in the InMemory page.
  • Under each notice is an editable link which takes the viewer directly to the InMemory page with service details, condolence messages etc.
  • You also have the ability to not show any notice where a family wish for privacy.
  • You can determine the number of notices shown at any point in multiples of five or opt to show the notices for every funeral that has not yet taken place.

Taking information that has already been entered into the system for the ‘In Memory’ profile, funeral announcements / notices will not only allow people to view the details for the deceased’s funeral alongside their obituary and biography, it also presents another opportunity to access to their donation profile.

There are many benefits, both to the loved ones of the deceased and to you as a business:

  • It improves the service you offer families and provides clear, printable service details.
  • We believe it will increase the volume of mourners who obtain service details online and then link across to add a donation. 
  • We know two thirds of donors viewing the page will live in your trading area and making them aware of your service.
  • A simple search functionality at the top of the page, allows users to find the notice details
  • The more mourners become used to obtaining information via your website, the more they will use the service and the fewer telephone calls you will have to field for funeral details.
  • Last but not least, there is no additional charge for this feature and details of how to set this up in your user profile are outlined in the document attached to this email. Needless to say if you have any queries please call or email us.

For information or a free demo to see how your donations can be managed more efficiently contact us on 01803 229467 or contact us here.