Helping you support your community with charity collection pages

Our latest version of the donation management system allows you to create a charity collection page on your website, for local group’s for fundraising activity that you wish to support.  Which is a part of your community engagement that we know is important to you all.

Our new “collection profile” makes it simple to help these groups by creating a page on your website using the “engine” behind our InMemory pages. The only cost to you is the same £6 +VAT per profile we charge for setting up a normal donation profile.

We provide you with the ‘iframe’ code for your web developer to, in minutes, integrate into a new page on your site.

The fundraising donation page shows how one of our customers is already using it to raise money for charity. Creating a page like this is as easy and quick as a normal donation page.

The page allows you to include photographs,test and an image gallery, just like an ‘InMemory page. Donors are invited to leave messages of support, and after every online donation, they receive an email from you thanking them for your support.  The system allows you to have one live page open for as long as you wish and all reporting & reconciliation features extend to the new profile.

Creating a charity collection profile page

To create your page, go to donations/collection profile and add. Firstly, give the collection a name that will appear at the top of the page, then you can decide to show a running total of all donations  on the page. The profile is opened/closed like a donation profile, but please remember – you can only have one collection profile open.

You add in the picture(s) and text which explain what the collection is all about, as well as adding below the gallery of photos which appear in the carousel.  Then add the charity/group  that you are collecting for, (having set them up in the charities section first). Remember, to be able to add gift aid, the charity must  be registered and the number added in the registration number field.

To preview how the page looks, go to the main home page and click on the “Collection profile page view “. Finally, go to users/profile and customise the email that each donor will receive from you in the “Collection donor email message” section of the profile to the collection you are making and all is ready to go!

When you want to set up your first profile on your system, by all means give us a call, we will be happy to help you, to ensure that you are comfortable with the process.

We have also in the user/profile section set up a separate set of terms and conditions for this service. Please review and make any changes that you feel may be required, we have tried to make them as simple as is practical.

We are committed to continuing to develop our InMemory software as our user base continues to grow and we thank you all for your continued support.

For more information or a free demo to see how your charity fundraising can be managed more efficiently contact us on 01803 229467 or contact us here.