Funeral notices, announcement and obituaries

We have just added another new, exciting feature to our donations system – the ability to add a separate funeral notices page to your website, advising mourners of the latest funerals.

The page is inserted via another “iframe” which we give to your website developers, the page can be added in minutes. The page will also perfectly match the style, colours and fonts of your website in exactly the same way that our donation pages now do.

In the page configuration, you can choose if the announcement page will either contain only the funerals that have not yet taken place, or a fixed number of funerals to a maximum of fifty, (thus masking your funeral volume). The notices are sorted alphabetically by surname.

The details of the notices page can be configured in a number of ways:

  • As shown below, you can add in a picture or graphic image beside each notice.
  • The notice can have the deceased’s born in/died in years, their age, both, or neither, configured in the setup.
  • You can also have a separate notice set of words to the notice (as shown in the top two) or the first sentence’s from the donation profile biography, as shown in the bottom example.
  • You can also choose not to show a notice in the same way as you can choose not to show a donation profile.

Creation of each funeral notice takes literally a couple of minutes, taking most of the data from the donations system.  

The new page provides another, earlier reason for mourners to visit your website to obtain the funeral details, thus increasing traffic and we believe that it will also encourage more online donations via the link through page.   

So a new year and a new feature! We remain committed to developing our system and are pleased to inform you that this new feature comes at no additional cost. We will also be retaining the £6 plus VAT fee per donation profile for the fourth year running!

For information or a free demo to see how your donations can be managed more efficiently contact us on 01803 229467 or contact us here