See how our software helped Debs Barton fly!

Debs Barton is a funeral Administrator at Daniel Robinsons and Sons’ Harlow office. Last month she conquered her fear of heights to raise funds for Grove Cottage, a local charity that is close to her heart, using our fundraising page via the Daniel Robinson’s website. Deb’s raised a huge £1,372.38! The sky dive required Debs to jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet, falling at an average 120 mph and descending to 5,000 feet in 40 seconds – sounds like fun…. but Debs has a lifelong fear of heights! 

How does this work?

Our system allows our funeral director partners to not only raise funds InMemory, you can now use the same donations engine to collect for a charity activity like Deb’s skydive. Or you could offer the page for a period to other local groups or smaller charities – who have no way to raise funds online. The collections page (see Deb’s example below) takes less than five minutes to create and links to a new fundraising page on your website…. Each donor can leave a message of support and receives an instant email from you thanking them for their donation. 

So no need anymore to use Justgiving or other such site that takes a percentage fee for fundraising. All fundraising can be done in house via your website and all the funds go to the charity (we calculate Grove Cottage are £68.76 better off), and of course every donor visited your website. If you want to see a an example fundraising page on our test system click here.

Deb’s collection profile was shared an incredible 111 times on Facebook and she received almost 50 messages of support, driving her enthusiasm even further. And best of all…. ALL of the funds raised including gift aid went directly to the charity.

Gary Neil (MD at Daniel Robinsons) told us “Like most independent funeral directors, we are always actively involved in our community, working with lots of local groups and charities. Being able to host the funding pages ourselves, helps ensure every penny gets to the group.  They often don’t have the capability to raise funds online and we’re more than happy to help. Deb’s involvement at Grove Cottage is typical of our team and we congratulate her on facing her fear of heights, just don’t look down Debs!”