Online donations and the power of social media: news that is worth spreading

Social media is a huge part of today’s culture and one of its greatest strengths is that is provides us with a global communication platform to connect, and reconnect, with people near and far.

We recognise the power of social media and most importantly how it can be used to generate awareness of charitable fundraising efforts. This is why our software allows donation profiles and collection profiles to be shared on the likes of Facebook. We wanted to share with you all a recent example from one of our customers that exemplifies how social media can, and should, be used in its best form.

Recently, Anstey and District Funeral Services broke one of our records by having a donation profile shared on Facebook 76 times. Collecting on behalf of MIND, the sharing of this profile on social media led to a final donation sum of £1,381. Using the online donation system meant that 78% of the total donators left condolence messages for the family, 66% of which added gift aid. It is without doubt that the sharing capability via Facebook had a huge impact on the total donations (and gift aid) raised for MIND and this is also likely to have increased the number of condolence messages left for the family. This was regarded by the family of the deceased as an excellent level of service provided by Anstey.

What better way to use social media?